Akihisa Shitara




筑波大学大学院 図書館情報メディア研究科
図書館情報メディア専攻 博士後期課程
Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies
Doctoral program in Library, Information and Media Studies

筑波技術大学大学院 技術科学研究科
産業技術学専攻 情報科学コース 修了(工学)
Apr. 2017 - Mar. 2019
Course of Information Science, Division of Industrial Technology, Graduate School of Technology and Science, Tsukuba University of Technology

筑波技術大学 産業技術学部
産業情報学科 情報科学専攻 卒業(工学)
Apr. 2013 - Mar. 2017
Information Sciences and Engineering, Department of Industrial Information, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Tsukuba University of Technology

東京農業大学第二高等学校 普通科 卒業
Apr. 2010 - Mar. 2013
The Second High School, Tokyo University of Agriculture



2017年にトルコのサムスンで開催された,第23回夏季デフリンピック競技大会の陸上競技男子4×100mリレー 日本代表メンバー(第3走者)を務め,金メダルを獲得した.現在では,研究に集中するために休養している.

He born in Gunma, Japan in 1994, and he was Deaf.
Under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Yuhki Shiraishi in Tsukuba University of Technology, he was working on research and development of the start system using a tactile stimulus for deaf and hard of hearing Sprinters.
Present, he student of the doctoral program in the Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, University of Tsukuba, and continues his research under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Yoichi Ochiai.
Interests on Accessibility, Diversity,  Universal Design, Paradigm Shift of Hearing / Visual / Tactile, HCI.

Additionally, he was the third runner of Athletics Men’s 4 x 100m relay team of the 23rd Summer Deaflympics Games at Samsun, Turkey in 2017, and won a gold medal.
Present, I am resting to advance my research.

Kotaro Oomori, Akihisa Shitara, Tatsuya Minagawa, Sayan Sarcar, and Yoichi Ochiai. 2020. A Preliminary Study on Understanding Voice-only Online Meetings Using Emoji-based Captioning for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Users. In The 22nd International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility (ASSETS ’20), October 26–28, 2020, Virtual Event, Greece. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 4 pages. https://doi.org/10.1145/3373625.3418032

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