University of Tsukuba, Digital Nature Group / Research and Development Center for Digital Nature
筑波大学 デジタルネイチャー研究室 / デジタルネイチャー開発研究センター


University of Tsukuba, Digital Nature Group led by Associate Professor Yoichi Ochiai envisions Digital Nature, which is the natural environment of post ubiquitous computing era consists of seamless combination of computational resources and non-computational resources. The ecosystem of Digital Nature will provide more various alternatives of future between Human and Machines, Material World and Virtual World than industrial era. We envision the various application of computational researches between Humanity and Machines,  Materiality and Virtuality. We realize these alternatives in order to solve problems around industry, academic, and art towards forming new mixed culture of human, computation, and nature.

落合陽一准教授が主宰するデジタルネイチャー研究室は,ユビキタスコンピューティングの先に「計算機自然(Digital Nature)」の到来を見据えています.計算機自然では,人と機械,物質世界(Material World)と実質世界(Virtual World)の間に,今までの工業化社会よりも多様な未来の形が起こりうると考えられます.本研究室は,そういった物質性と実質性の間で,計算機応用のもたらす様々な選択肢を想定し,それらを計算機科学的に実装することで,産業・学問・芸術に至る様々な問題解決に挑戦し,人・計算機・自然における新たな文化的価値の創成を目指します.


University Office
1-2 Kasuga, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Pref., Japan 3058550
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If you would like to join DNG as undergraduate, graduate student or Collaborate Researcher, please contact by E-mail.
If you would like to contact as media or press, please contact by E-mail.

〒305-8550 茨城県つくば市春日1-2

進学・就職・取材・共同研究のお問い合わせは contact<-at->digitalnature.slis.tsukuba.ac.jp までお願いいたします.

FAQ デジタルネイチャー研究室で研究をしたい方へ

 Joining the Digital Nature Group

Supervisor / 研究指導教員

落合 陽一 Yoichi Ochiai Associate Professor
Human computer interaction, Virtual Reality, Interdisciplinary development in the field of artificial intelligence, particularly interested in the calculation and application areas of acoustic and laser holograms.

 伏見 龍樹 Tatsuki Fushimi Assistant Professor
Ultrasonics, Mechanics, Closed-Loop Control, Optimization, and Information Media Devices.

 李 晶晶 Jingjing Li Assistant Professor
Communication Design, Digital Exhibition, User Evaluation of Digital Media

Academic staff
筑波大学 人間総合科学学術院/研究群 情報学学位プログラム教員一覧(図書館情報メディア系)
研究室情報 2024 (PDF3MB/ Japanese Only)

In our lab, faculty members provide comprehensive guidance. For inquiries regarding acceptance as master’s /doctoral program advisor, please contact us by email with your CV and research plan. As a condition for acceptance to be assigned our laboratory, you should have published a Full Paper in English in a journal or conference affiliated with a professional society. For students entering the master’s program, a poster presentation is acceptable, but for students entering the doctoral program, submission of one Full Paper is expected. The attitude we look for in our students is that they like research and can report on their research topics for at least 5 minutes each week. For inquiries about application and examinations at the University of Tsukuba, please refer to the “Admissions”  on this page.

当研究室では,落合准教授と伏見助教による総合的な指導をおこなっております.博士課程の指導教員等受け入れについては,履歴書・研究計画書を添えてメールでお問い合わせくださいませ.研究室受入れの条件としては,英語で原著論文のFull Paperを何かしらの学会に通した事があること.博士前期課程(Master’s)入学希望であればPosterでも可,博士後期課程(Doctoral)入学希望であればFull Paper 1本です.学生に求められる姿勢は,研究を好むことと,毎週自分の研究テーマについて少なくとも5分間報告できることの二点です.出願に関するお問い合わせは,本ページ内”Admissions”をご覧の上,各担当窓口へお問い合わせください。

About Lab Visits

Q: Is it possible to visit a laboratory individually?
A: We do not accept individual visits to the laboratory. There are several projects in progress in the laboratory, and for confidentiality reasons, access to the laboratory is restricted. However, we do hold an annual information session (online) for “Advancing Researcher Experience Program (ARE)” and “Graduation Research” for University of Tsukuba students. As soon as the dates are set, we will announce them on social media and through NEWS on our website.

Q: 個別に研究室の見学はできますか?
A: 個別の見学対応は行っておりません.研究室内には研究中のプロジェクトが多数展開されており,機密情報を保持するため研究室の出入りを制限しております.ただし,筑波大学の学生向けに先導的研究者体験プログラム(ARE)卒業研究配属の説明会(オンライン)を毎年開催しております.開催日は決まり次第,SNSや本サイトNewsにてご案内いたします.

About the interview with the faculty

Q: Can I have an interview with the faculty?
A: Based on the CV and research plan submitted by you in advance, the faculty will determine whether or not an interview is possible, and if an interview is conducted, it will be conducted by remote interview via Zoom.

Q: 教員と個別に面談できますか?
A: 事前に提出された履歴書と研究計画書に基づき,教員は面接の可否を判断し,面接をする場合はZoomによる遠隔面接で実施する予定です.

Acceptance of International Students

Q: About acceptance of research students, master’s students, and doctoral students from abroad
A: If you wish to become a research student (aiming to enter the graduate school after admission) or a research advisor in the master’s or doctoral course, please prepare your CV and research plan in English or Japanese and send them by email. Please note that the number of foreign research students [Excluding Master’s and Doctoral program] is limited by university regulations, so please check in advance.

Q: 海外からの研究生・修士課程・博士課程の受け入れについて
A: 研究生(入学後, 大学院進学を目指す方)・修士課程・博士課程での指導教員をご希望の方は,履歴書と研究計画書を英語または日本語で作成し,メールにてお送りください. なお,外国人研究生については大学規定により定員を超えての受け入れができないため,事前にご確認ください.


For applicants to undergraduate / 学科試験募集要項 (筑波大学情報学群 情報メディア創成学類/知識情報・図書館学類)

For applicants to graduate students / 大学院募集要項 (筑波大学大学院人間総合科学学術院人間総合科学研究群情報学学位プログラム)

Research Student Admissions / 外国人研究生出願要項