See-Through Captions

2021. 02. 10

See-Through Captions: Real-Time Captioning on Transparent Display for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People

Real-time captioning is a useful technique for deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) people to talk to hearing people. With the improvement in device performance and the accuracy of automatic speech recognition (ASR), real-time captioning is becoming an important tool for helping DHH people in their daily lives. To realize higher-quality communication and overcome the limitations of mobile and augmented-reality devices, real-time captioning that can be used comfortably while maintaining nonverbal communication and preventing incorrect recognition is required. Therefore, we propose a real-time captioning system that uses a transparent display. In this system, the captions are presented on both sides of the display to address the problem of incorrect ASR, and the highly transparent display makes it possible to see both the body language and the captions.


Authors: Kenta Yamamoto*, Ippei Suzuki*, Akihisa Shitara*, Yoichi Ochiai (Three authors contributed equally to this research.)
Transparent display provided by Japan Display Inc.

著者: 山本健太*,鈴木一平*,設楽明寿*,落合陽一(3人の筆頭著者による研究)

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