Jun-Li Lu / 盧俊利




2013-2020: Ph.D. in Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
京都大学 情報学研究科社会情報学専攻博士後期課程修了 指導教員:田中克己教授
2008-2010: M.S. in Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
2005-2008: B.S., National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

PhD thesis:
“A Study on Resolution and Retrieval of Implicit Entity References in Microblogs”


1. Jun-Li Lu, Makoto P. Kato, Takehiro Yamamoto, Katsumi Tanaka
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4. Hiroyuki Osone, Jun-Li Lu, Yoichi Ochiai
BunCho: AI Supported Story Co-Creation via Unsupervised Multitask Learning to Increase Writers' Creativity in Japanese,
accepted in Proceedings of the 2021 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2021), originally Yokohama, Japan

5. Jun-Li Lu, Hiroyuki Osone, Akihisa Shitara, Ryo Iijima, Bektur Ryskeldiev, Sayan Sarcar, Yoichi Ochiai
Personalized Navigation that Links Speaker's Ambiguous Descriptions to Indoor Objects for Low Vision People,
accepted as paper in 23rd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, July 2021

6. Jun-Li Lu, Makoto P. Kato, Takehiro Yamamoto, Katsumi Tanaka
Entity Identification on Microblogs by CRF Model with Adaptive Dependency,
IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, pp.333-340, December 2015
(Best Student Paper Award)

7. Jun-Li Lu, Ling-Yin Wei, Mi-Yen Yeh
Influence maximization in a social network in the presence of multiple influences and acceptances, International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics, pp.230-236, October 2014.

8. Jun-Li Lu, Mi-Yen Yeh, Yu-Ching Hsu, Shun-Neng Yang, Chai-Hien Gan, Ming-Syan Chen
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9. Method for dispatching electric automobile with charging plan and system thereof,
Yu-Ching Hsu, Chai-Hien Gan, Shun-Neng Yang, Jun-Li Lu, Mi-Yen Yeh, Ming-Syan Chen
(Taiwan) R.O.C. patent number: I489401, June 2015


Jun-Li Lu received his PhD degree in Informatics from Kyoto University, 2020. His research interests include Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, and Machine Learning. コンピュータビジョン,自然言語処理,情報検索,機械学習などに興味を持っています.

He is a collaborative researcher in academic institutes and industries. From 2018, he worked in Advanced Smart Mobility Co., Ltd, Japan. From 2017, he worked in Institution for a Global Society Corporation, Japan. In 2010-2013, he worked in CITI, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

He received Best Student Paper Award in IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, Singapore, 2015, for one of his PhD thesis work, and had one Industry Patent from Taiwan (ROC), 2015.

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