Air Mount Retinal Projection

2018. 04. 09

Retinal projection is required for xR applications that can deliver immersive visual experience throughout the day. If general-purpose retinal projection methods can be realized at a low cost, not only could the image be displayed on the retina using less energy, but there is also the possibility of cutting off the weight of projection unit itself from the AR goggles. Several retinal projection methods have been previously proposed; however, as the lenses and iris of the eyeball are in front of the retina, which is a limitation of the eyeball, the proposal of retinal projection is generally fraught with narrow viewing angles and small eyebox problems. In this short technical report, we introduce ideas and samples of an optical system for solving the common problems of retinal projection by using the metamaterial mirror (plane symmetric transfer optical system). Using this projection method, the designing of retinal projection can becomes easy, and if appropriate optics are available, it would be possible to construct an optical system that allows the quick follow-up of retinal projection hardware.

Yoichi Ochiai, Kazuki Otao, Yuta Itoh, Shouki Imai, Kazuki Takazawa, Hiroyuki Osone, Atsushi Mori, Ippei Suzuki
University of Tsukuba, Strategic Research Platform towards Digital Nature Powered by Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.
Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.

落合陽一,大峠和基,伊藤優太,今井翔輝,高澤和希,大曽根宏幸,森 篤史,鈴木一平
筑波大学 デジタルネイチャー推進戦略研究基盤, ピクシーダストテクノロジーズ株式会社

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