2017. 12. 15

In photography and videography, it is a huge challenge to align sight towards a moving target continuously and steadily, often requiring considerable practice and experience. Blurry photos are often taken by camera users who lack requisite skills. To address this problem, stabilizers have been designed. Conventional stabilizers introduce a steep learning curve, because they are designed to be mass-produced and not tailored to the individual. Therefore, we present a design method of personalized stabilizers for shooting actions. Our system requires users to input their body data.  The system proposes the suitable position of the camera to be harnessed to the user considering the moments of force of both the user and camera.

Ryota Kawamura, Kazuki Takazawa, Riku Iwasaki, Kenta Yamamoto, Yoichi Ochiai

University of Tsukuba


Design Method of 3D-Printable Ergonomically Personalized Stabilizer

HCI International 2019 Briefing paper 27pages PDF[3MB]