Shinnosuke Ando




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情報学群 情報メディア創成学類 2年

University of Tsukuba
School of Informatics, College of Media Arts, Science and Technology


1997年滋賀県生まれ。膳所高等学校理数科卒業。筑波大学情報学群情報メディア創成学類2年。2017年よりデジタルネイチャー研究室所属。SIGGRAPH Asia2017にて自身の研究を発表。国内外にて展示を行う。

Born in Shiga in 1997. He graduated from Shiga Prefectural Zeze High School. He has been a collaborate student since 2017. He published his own research in SIGGRAPH Asia 2017. He exhibited his work abroad and at home.

Mail: ando(-at-)

Shinnosuke Ando, Kazuki Otao, Yoichi Ochiai. 2019. Glass-Beads Display: Evaluation for Aerial Graphics Rendered by Retro-Reflective Particles. In HCI International 2019 Posters (HCII 2019). Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1032. Springer, Cham

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Ippei Suzuki, Shinnosuke Ando, and Yoichi Ochiai. 2018. 70‐1: “Unphotogenic Light”: Evaluation and Detail of the High-Speed Projection Method to Prevent Secret Photography with Small Cameras. SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers, 49: 930-933. DOI:

Shinnosuke Ando, Kazuki Otao, Kazuki Takazawa, Yusuke Tanemura, and Yoichi Ochiai. 2017. Aerial image on retroreflective particles. In SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Posters (SA ’17). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 7, 2 pages. DOI:

筑波大学とピクシーダストテクノロジーズ株式会社、どの位置から見ても鮮明な空中画像を提供できるガラスビーズを用いた空中映像投影手法を発表,, Seamless, 2019.07.25.

「SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017 BANGKOK」開催。その見どころを「2018 TOKYO」カンファレンスチェアの安生健一氏が解説, ,, 2017-12-7.