The Digital Nature Group in University of Tsukuba led by Assistant Prof. Yoichi Ochiai envisions Digital Nature, which is the natural environment of post ubiquitous computing era consists of seamless combination of computational resources and non-computational resources. The ecosystem of Digital Nature will provide more various alternatives of future between Human and Machines, Material World and Virtual World than industrial era. We envision the various application of computational researches between Humanity and Machines,  Materiality and Virtuality. We realize these alternatives in order to solve problems around industry, academic, and art towards forming new mixed culture of human, computation, and nature.

落合陽一助教が主宰するデジタルネイチャー研究室は,筑波大学図書館情報メディア研究系/知的コミュニティ基盤研究センターに所属し,ユビキタスコンピューティングの先に「計算機自然(Digital Nature)」の到来を見据えています.計算機自然では,人と機械,物質世界(Material World)と実質世界(Virtual World)の間に,今までの工業化社会よりも多様な未来の形が起こりうると考えられます.本研究室は,そういった物質性と実質性の間で,計算機応用のもたらす様々な選択肢を想定し,それらを計算機科学的に実装することで,産業・学問・芸術に至る様々な問題解決に挑戦し,人・計算機・自然における新たな文化的価値の創成を目指します.


029-859-1060(+81-29-859-1453) -> University Office / 大学宛

〒305-8550 茨城県つくば市春日1-2 / 1-2 Kasuga, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Pref., Japan


If you would like to join DNG as undergraduate, graduate student or Collaborate Researcher, please contact secretary@pixiedusttech.com

If you would like to contact as media or press, please contact secretary@pixiedusttech.com

配属希望・進学・就職・取材・共同研究のお問い合わせは secretary@pixiedusttech.com までお願いいたします.


The Digital Nature Group seeks creative, technically competent, hard-working, and team-oriented graduate students, Post-Doc, Collaborate Researchers. Applicants are expected to have a strong interest in HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) research, graphics, and experience in Interaction Design. Successful applicants possess varied technical and design skills in computer programming, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, as well as interaction/product/architectural design. Oral and written communication skills are essential, as work is regularly presented to visitors and submitted to major conferences and journals.

To apply, submit an application through University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Library, Information, and Sciences or University of Tsukuba,  School of Informatics, College of Media, Arts, Science, and Technology.

デジタルネイチャーグループは常に熱意があり努力できるような人材を探しています.入学or配属するには大学院:図書館情報メディア研究科か, 学部:情報メディア創成学類を受験してください.


For Internal Students (University of Tsukuba) / 筑波大内部生へ
We are always looking for new member and there are several ways to join our laboratory; collaborate researcher, semi-member, part-time students. We have a group meeting once a week. Please feel free to contact us. (secretary@pixiedusttech.com)

当研究室ではゼミに参加したり一緒に研究したい学生を常に募集しています.ゼミメンバーとしての参加,共同研究者としての参加,一定の期間だけのお試し入室などいろいろな方法があると思いますので,ご気軽にメールをください (secretary@pixiedusttech.com)

For External Participants / 外部から参加の方へ
We are always looking for new collaborate researcher. We have a group meeting once a week. Please feel free to contact us. (secretary@pixiedusttech.com)

当研究室ではゼミに参加したり一緒に研究したい共同研究者を常に募集しています.ご気軽にメールをください (secretary@pixiedusttech.com)

For applicants to undergraduate / 学科試験募集要項(情報メディア創成学類)
Please See http://www.tsukuba.ac.jp/admission/

For applicants to graduate students / 大学院募集要項(図書館情報メディア研究科)
Please see http://www.slis.tsukuba.ac.jp/grad/