AR Cooking: Comparing Display Methods for the Instructions of Cookwares on AR Goggles

2018. 12. 06

We explore effective methods for display of information on complex tools usage with Augmented Reality (AR) head-mounted displays. We focused on cookwares e.g. avocado cutter, orange opener, can opener, as complex tools in everyday life. We implement three AR applications for displaying the usage of such cookware: displaying both images with text, movie, and 3D animation. In this paper, we investigate how each of these AR applications affect understanding of complicated product and its applications. Using Microsoft HoloLens, we conducted user studies with the three aforementioned methods, and measuring the results in finish of time, comprehensibility, and enjoyment. We quantitatively and qualitatively searched for effective methods for indicating how to use things with AR goggles. We indicated that it is most efficient to use 3D animation in terms of task completion time and whether the task could be completed. We believe that our contribution in this case study has the potential for AR-based instruction design.

Hiroki Hasada, Jungian Zhang, Kenta Yamamoto, Bektur Ryskeldiev and Yoichi Ochiai.