Design Method of Digitally Fabricated Spring Glass Pen

2018. 08. 11

Design Method of Digitally Fabricated Spring Glass Pen

We propose a method to create the pen by using a 3D printer and reproduce various writing feeling. There have been several studies on pens for changing writing feeling.For example, there is a method of changing the tactile sensation of pen writing using vibration.However, we do not reproduction tactile sensation of softness by using the only vibration.Therefore, we propose the following method as a realization method.Elasticity can be reproduced by giving the spring structure to the part of the pen shaft. In addition, elasticity can be changed by adjusting parameters such as the number of turns of the spring, the cross-section size of the coil, the number of steps, and so on. And a capillary phenomenon occurs by applying a fine gap to the pen tip. Then, ink can be transmitted from the gap of a fine pen tip, and a certain amount of ink can be kept and written In this way, our pen can be made by combining simple structures. Therefore, by using the digital fabrication method, anyone can easily produce a pen that suits the preference of a person.

Kohei Ogawa*, Kengo Tanaka*, Tatsuya Minagawa, Yoichi Ochiai

University of Tsukuba

*Joint first author