Haptic Marionette

2017. 11. 20

Many devices and systems that directly control a user’s hands have been proposed in previous studies. As a method for controlling a user’s wrist, Hanger Reflex and Electrical Muscle Stimulation is often used. We propose a method combined Electrical muscle stimulation and Hanger Reflex. We use Hanger Reflex to elicit the supination and pronation, and EMS to cause the flexion and extension. We believe that the proposed method of this study contributes to the exploration of new devices and applications on the fields of haptics, virtual and augmented reality, mobile and wearable interfaces. 

Mose Sakashita, Yuta Sato, Ayaka Ebisu, Keisuke Kawahara,  Satoshi Hashizume, Naoya Muramatsu, Yoichi Ochiai

University of Tsukuba