Stimulated Percussions

2016. 10. 10

Abstract :

We propose Stimulated Percussions, a new method designed to beat out rhythm by controlling human bodies with percussions using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Numerous studies in the fields of both science and art have been carried out to expand the possibilities for untrained people to be able to play musical instruments. Especially, in some studies, EMS capable of controlling the human body is applied to play a particular musical instrument. However, these studies have focused on movements of the human body for playing one specific instrument that requires movement of the whole body. Therefore, in this study, we used EMS to evaluate the body movements associated with different muscles. Moreover, we set up individual rhythms to these body movements and discussed the instrument that could be played by using these rhythms. We believe this design method would be able to expand the possibility for support to play a musical instrument.

Ayaka Ebisu, Satoshi Hashizume, Kenta Suzuki, Akira Ishii, Mose Sakashita, Yoichi Ochiai
University of Tsukuba



All visual and video documents are available for the media and press
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All images are taken by Kenta Suzuki/ University of Tsukuba (鈴木健太/筑波大学)