Cyclone Display

2011. 05. 26

Cyclone Display: Rotation, Reflection, Flicker and Recognition combined to the Pixels

We made a new concept display called “Cyclone Display”. It consists of pattern printed paper disks, PWM motors, projector and motor controllers. We could use it as display by changing its rotation and flicker speed, and change texture for suitable scenes. These pixels enable us multicolored expression with cyclone display.
We used projectors for the lighting but we could make the cyclone display with single full color LED.

Our concept is Rotating and Tangible Rainbow. Cyclone Pixels show us various rainbow on its surface only when it is rotationg. We could touch and stop it. by our hands.


Cyclone Display has three significant points in comparison to other displays. First, It has rotated pixels made of pattern printed paper disk. Second, Flicker and body movements(Eye blinking or Hand waving) could change the appearance of the disk patterns. Third, It uses condition of lightning for disk patterns to approach to our recognition. They are significant points of cyclone display that combines “Rotation”, “Reflection”, “Flicker” and”Recognition” combined to the pixels.

Firstly, “Cyclone Display” has rotating disks and use it as pixels. Pattern printed on the disks are changing when it is spinning. We use the pattern difference of the disks(decided by disk rotation speed) to display something on the disks.

Secondly, adding to the rotation speed, the pattern changes when flicker speed changes. We make the flicker light with white light by time divided RGB projector. Using time divided RGB Projector, we could see colorful patterns on the disks(we can control the color pattern by its rotation speed).

Thirdly, Rotating Pixels and Flickers stimulate our recognition. That is the significant point that other displays don’t have.

I think this cyclone display has a lot  to contribute to communities of entertainment as well as practical

fields by showing the beauty and enjoyment.