Human Coded Orchestra

2016. 07. 17

Human Coded Orchestra

This is our installation, Human Coded Orchestra, a new approach to enable a group of individuals to sing in harmony by using computed directional speakers. The possibilities of musical performance by an untrained group have been explored in both scientific studies and artworks. However, previous work in this area has rarely gone beyond simple rhythm-based music and failed to achieve musical complexity. Human Coded Orchestra employs a number of directional speakers, each set at a different pitch, so that they will deliver different pitches to each participant to sing to, according to their positions.

The present system does not require any preparation on the part of singers, which opens up the possibility of practical application in the interactive performance area.

*Yuzu Saijo, **Kenta Suzuki, *Nobutaka Ito, **Amy Koike,** Yoichi Ochiai
*The University of Tokyo, **University of Tsukuba

Human Coded Orchestraはコンピューターに演奏された人間の合唱です.集団の人々が即興でハーモニーを奏で歌えるようにする指向性スピーカーを利用した装置を使用し,人間の合唱の制御を可能にしています.即興で音楽パフォーマンスを行う試みはアート・サイエンス両分野で行われてきましたが,簡単なメロディーで作り出すことはできても,複雑な音楽を奏でることは行われてきませんでした.

Human Coded Orchestraは複数の指向性スピーカーをそれぞれ違う方向に向け別の高さの音を発し,コンピューターで音階の空間分布を制御する.それぞれのスピーカーの前に立つ人々には,聞こえる音を真似してもらうだけで複雑なハーモニーを実現できます.利用者の側での準備がほとんどいらず,即興の集団パフォーマンスを実現する点において革新的です.




All visual and video documents are available for the media and press
(under CC2.0
All images are taken by Kenta Suzuki / University of Tsukuba (鈴木健太/筑波大学)

Pictures are drawn by Ryo Sejiri / University of Tsukuba (瀬尻瞭/筑波大学)