Kai Nabeta


University of Tsukuba
School of informatics, College of Media Arts, Science and Technology B1
Researcher, Software Engineer

AI Engineer and DX Consultant Intern at Matsuo Institute. (2022/09 - present)
Member of the Collaborative Research Team at Matsuo Lab, The University of Tokyo. (2022/09 - present)
Software Engineer at Almondo Co., Ltd. (2023/02 - present)
Researcher Intern at Matsuo Lab, The University of Tokyo. (2023/04 - present)
Participate as an expert at central government ministries (2023 - present)


2023年 筑波大学 情報学群 情報メディア創成学類 入学


Born in 2005. Adopted and recognized as a Super Creator in the 2022 fiscal year under the theme “R-Order – A Delivery Service Realizing School Version of UberEats”.

Since 2022, I have been an intern AI Engineer at Matsuo Research Corporation and a member of the joint research team at the University of Tokyo Matsuo Lab.
From 2023, I have been working as a researcher at the University of Tokyo Matsuo Lab under a contract, exploring and implementing the possibilities of large-scale language models.

Since 2023, I have been selected for the Advanced Researcher Experience Program (ARE) and joined the Digital Nature Lab. My research in ARE involves ‘Proposing Multimodal Learning with Deep Generative Models and a Vector Search Method Considering Time Series.’

My areas of interest include Web Engineering, Real-World Applications, Transfer Learning, Deep Generative Models, Multimodal Learning, and World Models.

Additionally, I engage in activities such as providing technical advice on exploring the potential applications of large language models, serving as an expert at various central government ministries in Japan.