Retinal Viewfinder

2022. 06. 20

This paper presents a prototype of a new type of electronic viewfinder (EVF) that uses a retinal projection system. A viewfinder that enables users to preview an image is one of the characteristics and important interfaces of a camera. However, people who require glasses or contact lenses face a problem when using a viewfinder as they cannot see the image easily. In the retinal projection system, a large depth of field projection will enable users to focus on the displayed image easily. To investigate the above hypothesis, we compared the existing EVF with the proposed method from the perspective of ease of focusing on subjects. The user study employed a person with bad eyesight who uses a visual aid. Experimental results indicate that in certain situations, the proposed method has an advantage in focusing when users look through the viewfinder without glasses or contact lenses.

Ippei Suzuki, Yuta Itoh, Yoichi Ochiai

Suzuki, I., Itoh, Y., Ochiai, Y. (2022). Retinal Viewfinder: Preliminary Study of Retinal Projection-Based Electric Viewfinder for Camera Devices. In: Kurosu, M. (eds) Human-Computer Interaction. Technological Innovation. HCII 2022. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 13303. Springer, Cham.