Pluriversal Design Perspectives from Ainu Mosir

2021. 12. 16

Pluriversal Design Perspectives from Ainu Mosir

Description: Ainu Mosir is the world of the Ainu people, recognized as indigenous by the Japanese government. By the means of cultural revitalization through legislation and social movements, Ainu creatives have flourished in recent years. This presentation is based on the pluriversal design, proposed from Latin America and which is present both in indigenous communities in Mexico and among the Ainu. Next, it discusses the perspective of Ainu peoples regarding the living planet, the preservation of their own culture and the influence that this worldview has on their interactive design. Based on the study of interactive projects created with indigenous communities, the importance of their collaboration in the creative process and in the projects sustainability is exposed.
This presentation was made possible with the collaboration of Ainu people from Akan in Hokkaido, and of other stakeholders in the multimedia projects. The Spanish version of the oral presentation was made in collaboration with Colectiva Malacate, from Chiapas, Mexico.

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