Render the Gender: Rendering Pipline for Trasnforming Body Shape with 3D Printer

2020. 06. 26

The history of human dressing as a woman is long. It started as a female Kabuki girl in the Edo period, and is now known as the “Drag Queen”. In addition, due to the influence of anime culture, men often cosplay female characters, and women’s clothing is established as entertainment. Crossdressing is a form of entertainment. However, the physical appearances of men and women are often different. However, human beings often use a pad, typically a shoulder pad, to adjust the appearance of the body. Although much research has been done on the body, there has been relatively little research on geometrically dressing as a woman (as of 2016). Therefore, in order to fill the difference in physique, we thought that by creating a personalized pad, more ideal female clothes could be made.

We thought that it would be possible to generate a personalized pad by calculating the difference between the skeleton and the flesh of men and women, but it is difficult to 3D scan the human body from the top of clothes and boole an ideal 3D mesh, This project has not realized the system.(Google Translated)




Tatsuya Minagawa