StreamSpace: Pervasive Mobile Mixed Reality Framework for Remote Assistance, Collaboration, and Entertainment

2018. 11. 21

This study investigates how pervasive mobile mixed reality telepresence can assist users in collaborative tasks, entertainment, and navigation, by expanding their visible and interactive space within a shared mixed reality environment. To address this issue, this work proposes and discusses the Spatial Livestream Composition (SLC) method that combines both directionalized live media streams and photospherical imagery in a single collaborative multiuser environment. The proposed method was implemented in three proof-of-concept applications, and two of them were validated in user studies. The preliminary results have shown decrease in mental workload, increase in spatial and situational awareness, as well as increase in user engagement in comparison with similar applications with regular, non mixed reality, interfaces. We see our application being used in various use-cases, including telemedicine, remote assistance, collaboration, and entertainment.

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