2018. 07. 04

BOLCOF: Base Optimization for middle Layer Completion of 3D-printed Objects without Failure

3Dプリン ターが印刷した際に,途中から印刷し直すためのシステム

3D printing failures can occur without completion of printing process due to shaking, errors in printer settings, and shape of the support material and 3D model. In such case it could be difficult to restart printing process from the last printed layer in conventional 3D printers, as the printing parts to which the nozzles are supposed to be attached are lost. In order to restart printing from the middle layer, Wu et al.[Wu et al. 2017] proposed a method of printing while rotating the base of a 3D printer. However, such approach required time for two objects to bond after segmentation, with limited availability of methods for adhesion between parts. Wu et al.[Wu et al. 2016] have also proposed a method to print 3D models at any angle through 5-axis rotation of the base of a 3D printer, but the manufacturing cost of such approach was relatively high. Therefore, we propose a system that prints 3D models on existing object by utilizing an infrared depth camera. Our method makes it possible to attach a 3D-printed object into a free-formed object in the middle of printing by recognizing its shape with a depth camera.


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Kenta Yamamoto, Riku Iwasaki, Tatsuya Minagawa, Ryota Kawamura, Bektur Ryskeldiev, Yoichi Ochiai.
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