2017. 01. 14


Leviation is strongly related to the magic and the enchantment. Media Instruments in Edison’s age are developped to defy the gravity by the rotated visual images. Here is the artwork called “Levitrope”, this word stands for “lev(levitation)” and “trope(rotation)”. This media installation displays levitated metalic balls and they rotates on the wheel like structures. It reminds us our body and enbodiment of ourselves under the gravity. We envision these zero gravity kinetic sculpture will new media installation of Digital Nature Age.

Levitrope: gravity to feel physicality, computer nature.

Floating is a mysterious phenomenon. Because a unique situation where substances are fixed in the air under gravity makes us feel broken up by nature brought up under gravity. Therefore levitation has been incorporated into many magic, its mystique has fascinated people.

Levitation above the stage appears as a magical capability of a magician, floating that happens on its own side, and levitation without human intervention there, reminds the viewer strongly the physicality. This is because the contrast between our body under the control of gravity and the floating matter unleashed gravity makes our body strongly aware recursively.

This phenomenon can not occur in VR space making full use of HMD and display. Because there is no mass in the VR space, and floating objects exist as natural. Because our bodies are also dataized, rituals that paralyze the sense of leaning off the resolution and take a look at head-mounted displays and displays take away the contrast between leaning specificity and physicality.

Digital Nature Work evoking phisicality. Computer that we image The world of nature will definitely be the world where links with leaning physicality will be disconnected. The world that everything in this world seems to be free from the “current nature” of gravity can also be called “computer nature”. Therefore, we decided to make a theme based on the return to physicality by levitation, and the installation which seems to be normal, it makes the reminiscent of the future nature “under the cosmic gravity”.

Under the idea of ​​the base to make several rotating bodies to levitate, we started the project under the name Levitrope (Levitrope). This coined word combining Levitation (floating) and Trope (rotation) is also a tribute to rotating media devices like Zoetrope and Kinematograph.

In the era of Edison, people have succeeded in cutting out a real world from nature by rotating images. The picture is the most successful virtual reality which is not to be mentioned. It cuts the time and space in our world into substantial visually and subjective pieces, releases gravity, and transcends distance barriers by fusing with telegraph. It is through this magnificent virtual reality device that we saw the liberation from different gravity and gravity in Apollo’s lunar arrival and Space Shuttle images. Through the ritual of seeing the display, I believe something that I do not see directly as reality, sometimes I believe it is fiction as computer graphics or special effects. This rebellion is the reality that image media brings, and therefore what it believes is important.

The computer nature that we believe transcends the distinction between substance and substance by accepting all phenomena that are our body and the land and ground as reality. Whether it is substantial or material, it is not a fiction but a reality. By omitting the ritual of seeing the display, everything that behaves as if it were magical acts to exist.

Levitrope expressed such computer nature as a work. Apparently it is made of a ball made of silver and a mirror finishing rotation mechanism, and its appearance cuts out the environment of the daily environment, the blue sky, the lawn and the baseball stadium, and continues to reflect. Light and moon and stars in the evening, bustle and green and blue sky in the day. The reality mirror image seemed to reflect our physicality beyond gravity.

Kotaro Omomo, Kenta Suzuki, Daitetsu Sato, Yoichi Ochiai

University of Tsukuba


Levitrope: 身体性を感じるための重力,計算機自然.











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Images are taken by Kenta Suzuki / University of Tsukuba (鈴木健太/筑波大学)

Levitrope (2016)

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