Gushed Light Field

2016. 08. 29

Gushed Light Field: Design Method for Aerosol-based Fog Display

We present a new method to render aerial images using aerosol-based fog screens. Conventional fog screens are easily affected by air flow, and their fog generators occupy large areas. In this study, we propose to add new tradeoffs between the display time and the payloads. We employ aerosol distribution from off-the-shelf sprays as a fog screen that can resist wind and has high portability. Results showed that the minimum weight of the entire system is approximately 600 g including all components, the screen raise time is approximately 0.5 s, the disappearance time is approximately 0.4 s, and the maximum wind speed at which we can project images is approximately 10 m/s. We conducted user studies on wearable applications, aerial imaging with a drone or radio-controlled model car, multi-viewpoint display, and a display embedded in the environment. This study will contribute to the exploration of new application areas for fog displays, and will augment expressions of entertainment and interactivity.

Ippei Suzuki*, Shuntarou Yoshimitsu**, Keisuke Kawahara*, Nobutaka Ito***, Atsushi Shinoda*, Akira Ishii*,  Takatoshi Yoshida***, Yoichi Ochiai*
*University of Tsukuba, **Waseda University, ***The University of Tokyo


Technical papers (Author Preprint) : PDF (7.9MB)

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